My New Kennel !


Now this is a bit of luxury for me. A kennel large enough for myself and all my girlfriends to share - not that I would of course, as what's mine stays mine ! We have just been away for a few days in my motorhome (it's mine now) and it's been an exciting time and we even went to see Bluey race at Sunderland yesterday. She has started to back off at some bends which is costing momentum plus ground and needs to stop this trait. Never been a timid dog, just ask her kennel mate who she had a disagreement with and who ended up with two puncture wounds in its throat. ! May have a word of advice for her when next at kennels - although it will be a subtle approach in view of her past history. However, I know she is much better than recent form. Talking of disagreements in the kennels, Ana (Havana Blackbird) fell out big time with her kennel mate and ended up with a cut leg and has needed a week off until it heels. Don't worry too much about Ana, as she has seen and done it all and as Yvonne said she is one tough bitch. On the good news front, PANTHERS PIPPA is now back from having had 2 seasons before she has yet raced but having run her trials is expected to be on the card next week. PANTHERS SHANIA races Sunday and PANTHERS DANCER is trialing again after a month off with a muscle injury. PANTHERS HAWK and PANTHERS RAVEN are both to trial next week after both went into season before they have raced at Sunderland but both seem exciting prospects having won races in Ireland and I'll be giving them a bit of advice about the track when I'm next at the kennels. Plenty of good news including PANTHERS STORM now recovering from a very bad dose of coughing requiring antibiotics and is now much improved. Now all we need is the winners !

I will continue to give a rundown on all dogs at the kennels every week or so and leave A & A to fill in the gaps on the NEWS PAGE as I'm much too busy choosing where to go next in my new kennel. Oops almost forgot, part of my job is to promote dogs with shares for sale and have to mention PANTHERS HAWK and PANTHERS DANCER (Danni). Both will be racing soon and although I have never met Hawk, Danni I can assure you is one very hard bitch. She even had a go at me when walking out ! She would be one bitch that I wouldn't invite into my new kennel. Anyhow, shares in both dogs are available and details can be viewed on their own pages.


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