I’ve been kept quiet now for 3 months.


3 months ! I’ve been kept quiet now for 3 months. Not even a pic of myself and my rosettes. However, things are about to change and I’m needed once again for the new website. A lot has happened with the dogs at Yvonne’s and I keep getting introduced to more and more pups. No fall outs on my part but still keep a wary eye on Danni.

Also Bluey will now get a bit more attention from me as only 24 hours before this pic of myself with Bluey was taken, she had put two puncture wounds in the throat of her kennel companion. Why didn’t Alan tell me and I wouldn’t have stood happily allowing her to rest on my back. Incisors just inches from my own throat – or worse still ! Bit of mixed fortunes for my pals but those racing are doing quite well overall and Ana now running her 85th race today. Ok I only ran 7 but I was injured. Mind you must admit I’m having plenty of fun and games with A&A even though I still get carried away when going to the races. About 10 mins away I start hollering with excitement and love it when walking around the car park listening out for the hare, traps and tractor etc. Would love the chance to race again. Will have to put up with waking Alan at 5.30 and going up the Gare – over the grasslands, not the sea – on these light mornings. No other dogs around normally so it is MY patch ! Plenty of other animals to watch out for though especially the deer on occasions plus the rabbits, hedgehogs, grouse, pheasants etc. All worthy of a chase if I wasn’t on my long lead ! Then it’s back for breakfast and a chance to catch up on some lost sleep out is the sun under my brolly. It’s a hard life. My wishes go with Ana today – I will be watching !

My new job for the new website will be on reporting news on Panther dogs and hopefully there will be a couple of ‘whispers’ along the way as my reputation on tipping is quite good – well up to now it has been.

Just thought I’d finish off with a pic of me and my Best in Class and Best in Show Rosettes. If I don’t get them up now I doubt if they will ever get put up. Not many dog shows I can enter (apart from online shows) as my affinity / tolerance for other breed dogs isn’t high. However, still meet up occasionally with Rosie at SARA when she returns with her new owner and we get along as great friends. See you on the new website shortly – I hope.

Just a reminder if you want to see an archive of all my Blog Posts, they can be viewed on the other site www.panther-racing.co.uk plus archived Blogs on horses and dogs for the past several years.


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