Nothing I like better than a snooze after my evening meal. My bed is just in front of the patio sliding doors and I can see and hear all that goes on in the garden. Well, for the past week or so, we have had a new nocturnal visitor - Micky (not very original for a mouse) - who turned up each evening and kept coming within about 6 foot of my face. Alan seemed quite taken with Micky, as it was him that named it and would tice it out from behind the flower pots and watch it run around in front of me. As I couldn't get through the glass doors it was a case of watching and suffering as Micky gleefully ran around eating tiny morsels on offer from Alan. A comedy play in the making, 'Taming of the Mouse' by Alan aka William Shakespeare. Well, satisfaction comes to all who wait with patience. Needing to cock a leg, I was let out in the garden under the light of the moon - a hunter's moon no less ! I suppose you are getting the picture, Micky popped up, flew off with me in quick pursuit and with a couple of direction changes Micky was firmly in my mouth. Unfortunately before being able to carry him to a quiet place Alan had me by the collar and was tightening his grip as he kept yelling 'drop'. Having watched Micky take the p**s out of me for over a week I was not about to do so, even if Alan's grip was by now making me make some awful choking sounds. I'm a greyhound, not a cat who catches a mouse and then presents it to his owners. Alan must have felt sorry for me on hearing my choking noises and slackened his grip. I needed no further encouragement and with a shake of my head I was off and just before Alan caught me again, crunched Micky and swallowed. It was all over. Alan certainly not happy but a grey has to do what a grey has to do. As last Wed tip went down and my ration of bonios with it, Micky supplemented the treats. No more Micky on the patio these past few nights and no new play 'Taming of the Mouse' by Alan !

Back to the dogs with Panther, whilst winners keep on coming with the dogs at Jim's, the Panther dogs with Yvonne are picking up a kennel sickness. Sadly we were going to go and visit the dogs last Saturday but Yvonne recommended we did't incase I picked up the bug. Yvonne said it has been a nightmare time but Raven in now back on the card having got over it and seems non the worse. She runs tomorrow all being well and I'll be yelping her on. Plus I will be back on Wed to give another recommended bet - if you still have any pennies left. I need to replenish the bonio tin soon as no more Mickys around.


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