Can’t believe how quick time goes by but Alan not managed to drown me recently even though the mini beast from the East came in ! Bad enough at home with yet more snow but this time wasn’t taken to the end of the Gare. Settled for walks around the grasslands and a few zooms in the snow. Mind you, Alan & Anne owe me a favour as I was enlisted as ‘muscle’ on their trip to the accountants. As it was too cold for me to stay for a few hours in the van I was invited by A&A to accompany them into the accountants office to ensure all went well with the final years accounts. The receptionist seemed to take a shine to me – and I to her – before entering the office where Mike greeted me but it was very soon down to business. Not totally impressed with boring proceedings and I pretty well gave up hope of getting Mike to make much of a fuss of me and decided a few hours kip was the better option. As Alan never gave me a kick I presume all went ok with the accounts with no muscle needed and I was happy to leave the office to a bit more fuss from the lady at the desk.

Had a couple of trips to the races and Danni has been running very well – even if I have to say so – and Bluey has also done well although I can’t say I influenced proceedings having not met up recently. There hasn’t really been a lot to report in on until today when we went to Yvonne’s when A&A were to get some pics of the new pup Storm. He is BIG. In fact he is heavier than me and still looks unfurnished. A formidable looking dog and one I will definitely be keeping on the right side of when he grows up. Seemed happy to meet up with me today though and with him wagging his tail enthusiastically, I responded likewise. Didn’t want to upset him and gave him a few tips about getting out of the traps – ducking his head and not get stuck !

THEN IT ALL HAPPENED IN A FLASH ! There SHE was, PIPPA. I was just stood there when suddenly Yvonne came out with Pip who flung herself on me. Honest ! Even Yvonne said Pip was testing her luck, as my reputation with other dogs isn’t brilliant, but there was no need for concern as it was love at first sight. Our walk around the field went in a haze as Pip continued sniffing and licking me throughout. She is now recovered from her injury and will soon be back on track for trials. Just as well I suppose as she is a total bundle of action – not that I mind.

Back home and we returned to find my rosettes for winning the BEST IN CLASS and BEST IN SHOW had arrived in the post. With more cold weather and snow forecast, I will proudly wear them with my newly won coat and get Alan to get a pic. Should have had them yesterday and then I could have really showed off to all staff and Pippa at the kennels. Still, always next week.


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