Yvonne is sourcing another young dog - either bitch or dog - that she would think is suitable for Panther to syndicate. It will be syndicated in 10 % shares and costs would be approx £200 for share inc. transport over plus registrations set up costs etc and then we ask for a £60 fee towards rehoming expenses at the end of the dog's career. If not used or partly used, excess is returned to owner. Training fees are approx £20 per month per 10% share by invoice. Prize money is paid pro rata on an annular basis.

Once there are a sufficient number of potential owners, a deposit of £50 is asked for until the dog arrives at the kennels. If you would be interested in such a share, or have any questions, please just get in touch with myself Anne - 07775 743 885.  As an owner within Panther, you will also get an owners privilege card giving free track access and many discounts by the track. Also, as an owner you are more than welcome to come to the kennels to walk your dog on a weekend.




07775 743 885