was set up in 1995 by Anne Cairns but before then, Anne was founding and managing RACE- HORSE SYNDICATES & RACEHORSE OWNERSHIP groups for several trainers. To date, Anne has worked with 35 individual trainers - racehorse and greyhound (many household names) and has gained a wealth of experience along the way. This experience has been and is being put to good use in providing members and owners in Panther with a quality service. Alan, Anne’s husband, was brought up in a racing background with the family being involved in bookmaking and greyhound training.

There have been a lot of success stories along the way, inc. some very nice bets! GREYHOUNDS have now become a major factor within Panther and we are now building up a group of dogs with Yvonne Bell at Sunderland. This site’s pages explain how you can be involved in Panther Greyhounds with Yvonne.


Be Lucky ....... Anne

Manager – Anne Cairns

Anne is the go between for an owner within Panther and the trainer  Yvonne. Communication is the single, most important factor, of syndicated greyhounds (and horses). All owners need to be kept fully updated as soon as there is any news concerning their dog via text or email. YOU WILL BE KEPT FULLY IN- FORMED.


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